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Whether you’re a seasoned creator or just starting your content creation journey, we want to help you out! Our Creator Kit offers resources for thumbnails, video assets, game documentation, social media assets, and more.


As you venture deeper into the dark corners of The Bornless universe, remember that your creativity and passion for storytelling will not only enrich the community but also bring light to the shadows. Together, we will unveil the secrets of our world and uncover the truth behind the Church of Orobas.


Embrace the darkness and join the Bornless Mythos Creator Program today. 




Embark on a perilous journey to spread the tales of The Bornless. The Bornless Mythos Creator Program is an initiative designed to support and celebrate the creative minds who bring the lore of our world to life. We welcome all those who delve into the shadowy realm of The Bornless, whether through haunting illustrations, chilling videos, or immersive live streams.

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To join The Bornless Mythos Program, please follow the link below.

To participate in the Bornless Mythos Creator Program, please submit your application through our official submission form below. Upon review, we will contact eligible creators to welcome them into the fold! If you want to help your content be noticed during our review process, we recommend the following:


Use the hashtag #BornlessMythos on your appropriate platforms! This isn’t mandatory, but is a great way to ensure we see it!

Ensure you're using proper platform tools to tag and categorize your The Bornless content as The Bornless. Additional usage of #TheBornless or tagging our official accounts can help!

Publicly list your business email. Should we wish to work with you, you will be contacted privately. If you have any questions about this process, you can contact us here.

Exclusive Access: Gain early access to new content, updates, and behind-the-scenes information, ensuring you're among the first to share the latest Bornless news with your audience.

Collaborative Opportunities: Connect with fellow creators and the Cathedral Studios team, fostering a dynamic community that thrives on collaboration and shared passion for The Bornless universe.

Promotion: Get the chance to be featured on our official channels, including social media, newsletters, and our website, amplifying your creations to a wider audience.

Mythos Creator Discord Channel: Join an exclusive channel on The Bornless Official Discord server where you can share your work, collaborate with other creators, and discuss your passion for The Bornless with like-minded individuals.

Support and Resources: Access assets and resources tailored for content creators, such as logos, overlays, artwork, and more, to enhance your Bornless-related projects.

In-game Recognition: As a token of our gratitude for your dedication to the mythos, you may receive unique in-game rewards, such as exclusive skins, titles, or emotes, showcasing your status as a Bornless Mythos Creator.

If you're a seeker of knowledge and mysteries, weaving tales of The Bornless universe, we're here to support your creative journey! The Chronicler Initiative aims to provide resources that enhance your content creation and help you grow your community of fellow explorers. 


Our Bornless Mythos Creator Program offers a range of benefits and resources to support your creative endeavours:


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