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Non-Commercial Use – Utilize The Bornless assets exclusively for non-commercial purposes. Do not profit from the direct sale of The Bornless IP or charge users to access or own your Bornless creations.

Cathedral Studios' Ownership of The Bornless Music – Cathedral Studios owns all of The Bornless' in-game music. We will never apply a copyright claim to an end-user broadcasting the game The Bornless with music enabled or to an end-user uploading gameplay content with music on.

No Commercial Use of The Bornless Soundtrack – As Cathedral Studios holds ownership and rights to all of The Bornless in-game music, we do not permit any commercial use of our soundtrack.

Comprehensive Content Creation Information – For more detailed content creation guidelines, please refer to our Content Policy.

Terms of Use – The Bornless content must not be used in any manner that violates our Terms of Use.


At Cathedral Studios, we are continually inspired by the creativity and dedication displayed by The Bornless community. Our goal is to ensure your fan creations never encounter trademark or copyright issues where our policies are concerned. This Bornless Music Policy specifically covers the music present within the game The Bornless in the context of two types of content creation: Broadcasting and Video Uploads:

Last Updated: April 28, 2023


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