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The Bornless and Cathedral Studios Logos - Obtain express written consent from Cathedral Studios before using The Bornless or Cathedral Studios logos.

Respect Other Creators - Avoid using fan creations made by others, such as music, art, or video, without permission.

Non-Commercial Use - Employ The Bornless assets exclusively for non-commercial purposes. Do not profit from the direct sale of The Bornless IP or charge users to access or own your Bornless creations.

Monetizing Ads - Monetizing content featuring The Bornless assets through passive advertisements is acceptable. For instance, fan sites and YouTube videos can include advertising, provided that the advertisements do not hinder a user's access to the content.

Sponsorships - Showcasing sponsors alongside The Bornless content is allowed, but keep sponsorship mentions minimal and reasonable. Ensure clarity that the third party is solely acting as a sponsor and is not associated with The Bornless or Cathedral Studios.

Terms of Use - The Bornless content must not be used in any manner that violates our Terms of Use.

If you have any additional questions about these guidelines, don't hesitate to contact Cathedral Studios. We're excited to see the incredible creations you'll produce!



At Cathedral Studios, we are continually inspired by the creativity and dedication displayed by The Bornless community. Our goal is to ensure your fan creations never encounter trademark or copyright issues. Kindly follow these guidelines when using The Bornless intellectual property to guarantee your creations are recognized as legitimate:

Last Updated: April 28, 2023


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