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In the shadowed corners of our world lies the enigmatic realm of The Bornless, a place where the boundaries between good and evil blur, and demonic entities seep into the human dimension, weaving a tapestry of chaos and terror. At the nexus of these intertwined dimensions stands Farmouth, an unsuspecting North American farming town. Little do its inhabitants know, it's the very heart connecting our world to the sinister forces beyond.


Whispers in hushed tones speak of The Church of Orobas, a clandestine cult rumored to be the puppeteers of the demonic events unfurling in Farmouth. Guided by the formidable demon Orobas, this cult is on a dark quest, seeking an unholy power with the potential to shatter the world's very fabric.


As the tale unfolds, the enigma of Mary emerges—a young woman with an inexplicable connection to The Bornless demons. Drawn to this universe for reasons of their own, eight distinct characters find themselves on a shared mission: to locate Mary, decipher the true intentions of The Church of Orobas, and halt their malevolent designs.


Throughout their journey, these characters encounter relics—personal objects imbued with history and power. These artifacts not only offer a window into their pasts but also arm them with unique abilities, becoming their allies in the looming battle against the Church.


In the world of The Bornless, an eternal struggle rages, with forces of good and evil locked in a relentless dance of control. Rich in lore and teeming with intricate characters, The Bornless promises an experience that is both hauntingly beautiful and chillingly captivating. Step into this realm, and let its mysteries envelop you.



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