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Mythos 005 - Madly Scribbled writings of the Town Librarian
Mythos 005 - Madly Scribbled writings of the Town Librarian

Mythos 005 - Madly Scribbled writings of the Town Librarian

by LatchIT

Burnt and scorched, soaked in the blood of a millennia of man. Many of the tomes lost within this town are timeless relics; generations of myth turned legend.

Being the town’s librarian is a simple job; “keep up with the town’s history, and make sure that it never repeats itself”. But recently, I’ve noticed omens from a bygone era appearing around this town, times from before the town was even built.

Crows falling from the sky, vines dragging buildings beneath the surface… I’m sure this has happened before. I’ve read every book in this town, but I cant remember where I read this. Maybe all these stories have made me insane, but that could explain all of the goings on here in Farmouth. I’ll go to bed, and maybe ill remember.

Am I awake? Or am I still dreaming? The town I fell asleep in has been buried beneath a thick black smog. Its almost thick enough to choke on. I cant find anyone. I remember this as well, but where do I know it from? I swear I’m going mad, but I cant figure it out. I’m losing it.

I made my way into the bar: my usual refuge from this town. Everyone seems to be here, almost as if nothing was wrong. However, looking out the window into the empty streets, there clearly is something wrong. I call to Billie for my usual and he slides it across the bar, spilling small drops over the dark wood.

As I take my seat, I get an uneasy feeling from the guy over in the corner. I’ve never seen him before. His eyes are darker than the fog outside, and his grin makes me shiver. I pull out my notebook and begin scratching a dark image onto the page. I don't know why I drew what I did, all I do know is that I don't remember what happened next.

I woke up in a cold sweat back in my bed, glass of water spilt over the floor. Sitting up, I notice a book that is covered in a thick leather cover that I dont recognise. Picking it up, I was scared to unravel the bindings. Upon flipping the first page, there was nothing in there. I closed it back up, making sure to wrap the bindings again. I’m almost scared of the book, but I cant figure out why.

I looked out the window to a dark, expanding void. I felt my body being gripped by the embrace of the void, only remembering one thing; Those orange eyes staring right back at me.

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