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Our environment is one of honesty and transparency.
We say what we mean, we own our mistakes.
Open Communication
We understand tough conversations are learning opportunities.
We listen to feedback - when we are busy talking we are not busy listening.
We respect the form of how we give feedback.
We are responsible for what people hear, and not just what we say.
Accountable Freedom
We enable each individual to take decisions within their realm of expertise and role.
With freedom comes accountability. Choose your path the way it works for you, but ensure the delivery is of quality, within all the requirements of that task.
We accept each other's qualities and flaws.
We are considerate of our choices, and how we communicate.
We will make mistakes. It is what we do with those mistakes that shape what the experience has given us.
We expect each individual to constantly evaluate and challenge their own ideas, beliefs, and paradigms.
We expect you to differentiate between fact and opinion and treat each case as such.
"I don't know" does not mean lack of ability, it demonstrates self-awareness, honesty and maturity.
Positive Default ✨
When facing lack of context we assume the best out of others in the team and situation.
When dealing with time constraints we work well with poor wordings and limited visibility.
Fun 🎮
We don't lose sight that we are happy, energetic and idiosyncratic.
With a respectful, self-aware, positive default environment, we are comfortable with all kinds of humor.
Don't leave your laughter at home.
Integrity above all else
Decisions made will be in line with the best interests of the DAO always.
Be able to communicate and explain your reasoning.




We are the Paragons

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