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The Bornless

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The Bornless is an FPS multiplayer horror game currently under development, and close to a playable alpha. The game is centred around PvP, while players also have to survive (and perhaps cooperate) in fending off an unholy demon.

The Game


Each game consists of 4 teams of 2. Players must collect incense, which they must burn in their team's safe house. The team which burns the least incense will be hunted by the demon.


Winners are determined by elimination - the last team standing wins the game.


The nft


264/666 - Racing upstairs not knowing how he’d moved that fast he scanned the bedroom. Grabbing open the wardrobe, he didn’t know what he was really looking for. Her clothes were there. She hadn’t upped and left him. What the fuck was happening? No note? Usually she left a note. Why hadn’t she left a note? Maybe he just hadn’t seen it. 










Number 3


Number 54



73/666 - The door stuck a bit as Harry got back to the house. 
“Hey Mary!” He shouted, but his voice was quaking. He didn’t really believe she would be there. 









The Creek

Number 1

Danse Macabre

Number 8



8 characters
8 collections
8 tournaments
5328 total nfts

The Bornless NFTs are made up of 8 collections, each representing one of the 8 characters in the game. Each collection contains 666 items.

The Bornless NFTs are used as tickets to The Bornless tournaments. Owning one NFT gets you one spot in the tournament.

The Bornless NFTs will also reveal secrets about the story to the owner through 'unlockable content'.

The winner of the tournament will receive the final item in the collection, number 666. They will learn the final piece of the story. Other rewards for the tournament will be revealed closer to the time, and will scale as the project scales.



The Characters



Team: Lacrimosa

Character lore reveal coming soon...


The Unholy items are the legendary items in the collection. These items will feature the demon prince, as well as his golden sigil. These items will also reveal key plot points of the story through ‘unlockable content’.

The Unholy Items


Some will be included in the whitelist, with those minting having a random chance of minting an unholy item.


Also there are three Unholy items for the real world treasure hunt riddles - completing one of these will let you mint an Unholy item.

An Unholy NFT is also a ticket directly to the final stages of the tournament.

The Team

Our goal is to create a games studio which will produce games like the ones we love. We want to make games that inspire other people, and test the limits of what a truly cinematic and fun experience can be like in a videogame.

The Bornless dev team is currently 5 strong and growing steadily. Based in the UK and Australia.

We have chosen to make The Bornless, a multiplayer shooting game, because we know as a small team it’s important to make something ambitious but achievable


We decided to use NFTs as a funding model for development of The Bornless - similar to crowd funding or early access. This is a relatively new way to fund a videogame, but seeing the success of other awesome videogame NFTs has proven to us it can be done.


Jay Bevan

(Bornless Mystic)

Jay is leading the development of The Bornless Tournaments.


Jay currently works for a production company in the video games and entertainment industry, working for clients such as; Xbox, EA, Ubisoft, Dice, Twitch, and Bafta.


Jay and Toby (Architect) met working in the same department at The Telegraph.

Check out some of Jay's work here.


Favourite games: Knights of the Old Republic, Mass Effect Trilogy, The Witcher 3


1. Gameplay Teaser

There are so many excellent NFT games under development and competition is fierce. We know that we have to stand out, and so we think it’s really important to show gameplay before the launch of our first collection.


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