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At the heart of The Bornless is a challenging FPS game similar to a Battle Royale, but with a twist - you will be tasked to compete with rival players, ward off demons and collect precious Incense. Matches are elimination based, where the winning team takes all.


We plan to one day bring this experience to consoles, but for now, we are focused on delivering this game on Windows PC. We have no plans for Mac support at this time.

To find out more about the game and lore of The Bornless, click below to visit our Game Portal.



The Bornless has been closed playtesting since November 2021, and since then we've had some brilliant organizations partner with us as official Factions.

These groups of people have been helping us make the game better, and we're thrilled to work with each and every one of them.

Do you represent a community of people interested in getting deeply involved with The Bornless? Click below to view our Partnered Factions:



Metaguild helps thousands of players co-create the games they love, maximize their earning opportunities and protect their interests in the Metaverse. As one of the fastest-growing hardcore gaming guilds dedicated to playing, managing and investing in games, our time working in the open gaming trenches has given us a unique perspective on strategies for successful game adoption. We have developed a distinct set of skills that can assist numerous industry participants in unlocking new revenue streams, improving user experience, increasing productivity, and reducing costs.


The Kingdom is a product-driven Web3 gaming organization focused on top-tier competition, technology solutions, gamified community engagement, and aligning the incentives of players, creators, developers, and investors. All those with a passion for Web3 gaming and fantasy worldbuilding are encouraged to join The Kingdom! Come along on the mission to grow together and help usher in the Web3 gaming renaissance!


By The Fire is a metaverse/gaming guild providing NFT assets, media content, software solutions, and other support to our gamers, guild members, and partner projects. Our mission is to provide our members with the best web3 gaming experience.


XBorg is a next generation esports organization. We compete at the highest level of Web3 gaming across multiple titles and organize weekly tournaments on Web3 and Web2 games. We aim to revolutionize the esports landscape by integrating blockchain technology into our platform. Allowing players to own their in game data, build their digital gaming identity and form their own gaming clubs.

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You can also join our Discord where you can meet the community, chat with the development team, and watch playtesting live.



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