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Our community is a big part of what makes The Bornless so special. Since our genesis, we’ve had active support from our playerbase, who breathe life into our Discord community and help with testing prototype versions of the game.


Check out the below to find out more.

The Bornless NFTs are ERC-721 non-fungible tokens divided into 666 NFTs.

This collection features one of the eight playable characters in The Bornless, Harry, describing his story within the universe. These NFTs have utility in-game by enabling player to create larger factions, depending on their ownership of The Bornless NFTs.

If you have any questions or would like our support in content creation, please get in touch with us through Discord.


Incense is earned through showing great skills and victory within the game.

Players must display skill in battle to seize control of resources in a match. This Incense can be used to upgrade your team's Safe House, pick up some new weapon skins, used to level up your character, and at some point, traded between players with full Web3 integration.

​However currently, we are focused on delivering Incense in Web2 as a traditional game currency - ensuring it is fit for purpose.


Incense is the core resource in The Bornless and is a vital part of the ecosystem, and is something we have already built in Web2 as a traditional game currency. Incense can be used to buy things in-game, like weapons or tools - designed to give an advantage when combating other players and creatures lurking in the dark.

Before we implement Incense as a Web3 token we will thoroughly test it in Web2, to ensure it provides the most enjoyable and stable experience for players.


At Cathedral Studios, we are committed to bringing our games to the cutting edge of technology. Throughout development of The Bornless, we are finding ways to integrate artificial intelligence in a multitude of ways.

To find out more about our AI and technology integration, check out Cathedral Studio's website below.



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