SUPPLY - 666x8

The Bornless NFTs are ERC-721 non-fungible tokens divided into 8 collections of 666 NFTs. The total supply once all 8 collections are complete is 5328.


Each collection represents one of the 8 playable characters in The Bornless game. The first collection features Harry. These collections are staged to coincide with different Seasons for the game.


The Bornless NFTs have 5 core uses:

  1.   Token allocation and yield

  2.   Bornless eSports entry 

  3.   Access to the ARG 

  4.   In-game content 

  5.   Private Discord channels 


Incense, which will be the base token of our tokenomics, is the core resource in the game. The players who have burned the least incense are hunted and eventually killed by the demon. Incense can also be used to buy things in-game, like weapons or tools.


Read more about the tokenomics and gameplay loop here:”


Each NFT has a sigil displayed at the end. These Sigils dictate token allocation and yield based on the rarity of the sigil.

The sigil tiers are; Bronze, Silver, Gold, Unholy.

Find out more about the Unholy NFTs by checking out the ARG:


The first collection of Bornless NFTs features the detective Harry.

The properties are:

  1.   Scene

  2.   Music

  3.   Photograph

  4.   Morse

  5.   Weapon

  6.   Sigil

While the sigil rarity effects token allocation and yield, the other properties all relate to the ARG, which you can read more about below: