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The Bornless is a challenging free-to-play FPS game similar to a Battle Royale, but with a twist - you will be tasked to compete with rival players, ward off demons and collect precious Incense tokens. Matches are elimination based, where the winning team takes all.

Behind the co-op gameplay, we have also developed a deep lore and storyline involving all the characters within The Bornless universe, which will be revealed as facts are discovered by players.

Accompanying the launch of The Bornless Season One, we released a book, which you can read here.​


The Bornless universe wouldn't be complete without a terrifying exploration into virtual reality.

While the VR implementation of The Bornless is still in early development, this video hopefully gives a glimpse of what it could be like.

While we have created a VR prototype already, we won't start full development until mid-2023.



At the heart of The Bornless, you can find a deep and intricate story alongside an ultimately fun and exciting Battle Royale game.


Check out the below to find out more.

We want to make sure everyone can explore this deep dark lore and face their fears. That is why we have decided to keep The Bornless as a Free-To-Play game. 

We plan to one day bring this experience to consoles, but for now, we are focused on delivering this game on Windows PC. We have no plans for Mac support at this time.

Click below to join our waitlist and be amongst the first get access to the Alpha build of the game and explore The Bornless universe.



Want to dig deeper? Thinking of getting involved with The Bornless?

Join our Discord where you can meet likeminded players, chat with the development team, watch playtestings live and be a part of exclusive tournaments and dark summonings.

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