The Bornless has reached playable alpha 1.1.0, and so we are holding small tournaments for NFT holders. This is a way for us to showcase the gameplay, but also stress-test the build and see what does and doesn't work. We expect bugs, crashes, and other potentially major issues during these NFT holder tournaments.


These test tournaments, named 'Testing Grounds,’ will have prize pools, giveaways, and other collabs associated. Until the Incense token is deployed, we will be offering these Testing Grounds prizes in the form of BYTES.


These small tournaments will be streamed via The Bornless Twitch channel.


Find out more about the Testing Grounds tournaments below:



To become registered for The Bornless tournaments, you will be required to have a Bornless NFT which will act as your entry ticket.


Holders of an NFT do not necessarily have to play themselves, they can nominate a player through their NFT and essentially act as a sponsor of the volunteered player.

Want to play in a tournament? Head over to our Discord and say hello:


Once we have reached a stable version of the game, we will launch the Official Bornless tournaments, which will be much like the format of the Testing Grounds. Players will compete for the final NFT (item 666) in the collection which the tournament represents, a special NFT with unique utility, along with a prize pool—the size of which is still TBC.

These tournaments will be held for each collection of NFTs. There will be eight tournaments in total to go along with the eight NFT collections. 


Our tournaments will all be streamed.

Find out more and come join the community in our Discord: